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Counteracting Our Obsession with Speed

Our world is obsessed with speed. Faster food, hurry up offenses in football, faster computers, and even faster war-making. But conversely, sometimes moving too fast is dangerous. There are some decisions that should not be made too quickly, especially those that could benefit from more data collection, or decisions where there is ambiguity and complexity.

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Unintended Consequences of Combining Speed with Technology

Technology is often hailed as innovation vehicle, productivity booster, and enabler of a higher standard of living for all global citizens. However, the field of finance provides an interesting backdrop for what happens when an industry is pushed to its technological limits in the pursuit of automation and speed. Since advent of the telegraph, and…

The Zero Latency Future is Now

Today’s advanced technology brings us virtual broadband autobahns that move data across the globe with speed and precision. In an attempt to capitalize on fast-moving data, some companies are using sophisticated applications and compute power to make decisions faster than competitors. However, when machines move millions of times faster than humans, there are some implications…