Data Warehousing and Analytics Articles: Get More for Your Money

td MagazineAt the risk of falling into the well of self-aggrandizement, I’d like to offer links to my data warehousing articles:

  • Stretch Your System – A private cloud incorporates IT resources behind a company’s firewall and offers business users a dedicated environment on a self-service, standardized and pay-as-you-go basis. This makes the most sense when sensitive or regulated corporate data involves topics such as payroll, credit card, financial or patient health data.
  • Release the Flow -Most data management professionals know that multi-structured data such as Web server logs, social media and sensor data abound in their enterprise. However, they may lack a clear view on how to derive value from it.
  • Room for Success – Three steps towards more effective capacity management processes.
  • Tie a Stronger Partnership – As an integrated service partner providing life cycle support for all aspects of a data warehouse—data integration, database administration, analytics—Tera­data Managed Services helps organizations address their daily challenges.
  • Business Intelligence Competency Center– If your company has seen some success with BI efforts but wants more impact, a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) initiative might be just the remedy.
  • Above and Beyond  – Managed Services helps optimize customer data warehouse environments
  • Peak Performance – Six best practices help maintain a healthy active data warehouse
  • Strike it Rich – Application tuning helps companies save money through query optimization
  • Within Your Reach – Active Enterprise Intelligence extends the reach of data-driven decision making throughout the enterprise to arm users and systems with the right information and analyses
  • So You Don’t Need a Methodology? Creating a data warehousing “blockbuster” begins with the right methodology

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