The Murky World of Paid Online Reviews

One sure fire method of garnering positive comments for your product or service is paying for online reviews. And with plenty of companies and services available to assist in this questionable strategy, there’s surely temptation to create an instant halo effect for new product launches. However, consumers are getting savvier in spotting fictitious reviews, and such an approach ultimately harms more than helps your brand.

Link to Inc Magazine



  1. Just a note, my comments here are free. 🙂

    The article itself is something I’m noticing all over and over again – internet data variations forms (classic website, xml-rss, web 2.0, social-media) are having the same life-cycle:

    – birth (pioneers exploring and saying this is huge)
    – warming-up (youngsters adopting it in a “cool” way)
    – marketing warm-up (few cases of big-success)
    – marketing wars (everyone trying to do the same as at warm-up; every marketing seminar about it)
    – slowdown (few enthuziasts still working on it, managers don’t really know why they still have it, but everyone else does so…)
    – back to ussual (we now know we need it but noone expects big money out of it anymore)

    It is the same with “reviews”. They had a big impact on certain brands and products. But within a time, we’ll just need them as we needed small printed ads in local newspaper once.

    And every time again it’s the same reason behind – things are great until we all start to use them. Because when we all start, we make an information overload and of course our actions are just small movements irrelevant to the masses.

    • Dusan – I agree that reviews are important now, however I am concerned with the effects of the ‘internet water armies’ and how people will become jaded to reviews because they cannot be trusted. Then perhaps, as you said, we’ll get back to “back to usual” stage and have to find the next big thing to validate our products/services.

      Thank you for not charging for your valuable comments! 🙂

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