Private Clouds Better for Data Warehousing than Public Clouds

Cloud solutions are useful when additional computing power is needed. And cloud capabilities are relatively easy to procure because customers can sign up with a credit card—via an online portal—and start using services within minutes. This is the public cloud delivery model of Amazon and Google, among others.

Public clouds, however, can have a “not-so-silver lining,” with documented concerns over security, privacy, availability, data loss and latency issues. Organizations wishing to mitigate risks associated with storing and analyzing sensitive data in public clouds are increasingly turning to private clouds.

Public cloud solutions generally satisfy user expectations for applications like sales force automation or marketing campaign management. However, data warehousing requirements such as high availability, mixed workload management, near real-time data loads and complex query execution are not easily managed or deployed using public cloud computing models. By contrast, private clouds for data warehousing offer the higher performance, better security and predictable service levels expected by today’s business users. Read more


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