Blog Name Change: Just Like Davos

Good day friends and loyal readers! Sitting alone, and quiet for a moment (which for me – never happens) I decided to think about some of the content in this blog. I’ve worked in technology and marketing all my life, hence why I started the blog “Boundaryless Marketing”. However, the past five years have also led me to disciplines I never thought I’d visit as a marketing professional – those of supply chain management, risk management, mathematics, economics and even a dash of physics.

Hence, I have renamed this blog “Just Like Davos” to accurately reflect the content herein.  Why “Just Like Davos” you may ask? Davos is a  municipality in Switzerland where once a year the uber elite of invited guests get together to ponder, lecture, drink heavy doses of hard liquor and try to make sense of the complex world around us.  Since I don’t know Bill Clinton, Bill Gates or Hu Jintao,  and the odds of getting a free pass to Davos are slim to none, we’ll just have to settle for second best, and that’s Just Like Davos. Won’t you join me? I promise we’ll learn from each other and have fun too!


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