Fifteen Articles on Cloud Computing

Let’s talk cloud computing. Some argue it’s nothing more than a re-dressed virtualization trend from the 1960s. Others say cloud is the same concept as mainframe “Timesharing” and that analysts and pundits should move along as there’s nothing new here. That’s pure hogwash.

Think of cloud as a service of computational power, storage and more, much like the service you’d get from a utility company. The cloud allows you to plug into a required capability—whether it’s for print servers or analytics. The cloud is typically available on a metered basis when demanded, and can be accessed via self-service methods–simply plug in via a portal and access what you need. And it’s delivered via a host of technologies, software, processes, devices and physical locations that power this “service”.

This collection includes articles on cloud computing concepts, trends, delivery models, risks and challenges with a special focus on cloud for analytics. Free download


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