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Paul Barsch
Paul Barsch

The uber-elite Davos crowd gets together once a year to “cross and mix disciplines to get a deeper understanding of the world.” In the same vein, this site is dedicated to current and archaic tomes, thoughts and discussions that when assembled in just the right way unlock a more complete picture of how global markets function underpinned by smarter people, leaner processes, and more advanced technologies.

Just like Davos is authored by Fortune 500 marketer Paul Barsch. Mr. Barsch directs hosting, cloud and managed services marketing for Teradata, a $2.3B company and the world’s leading analytic data solutions company focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications.

At Teradata, Mr. Barsch is responsible for driving marketing support and deployment of data warehousing service offers (BI, Data Warehouse performance) as well as marketing for various IT service delivery models including outsourcing, hosting, managed services and cloud.

Mr. Barsch was previously marketing director for HP Enterprise Services (formerly EDS) $1.3 billion healthcare industry and a senior marketing manager at global consultancy, BearingPoint for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Mobile  and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions.

One of Mr. Barsch’s passions is writing, evidenced by more than 25  published full length articles in Inc Magazine,  The Ladders , Think Customers 1:1, Conference Board Review, MarketingProfs, SmartDataCollective and Teradata Magazine in addition to over 100 micro-columns for MarketingProfs.  Mr. Barsch also enjoys public speaking. As a long time Toastmaster, he has received the Advanced Communicator Gold award and speaks at universities and other organizations throughout the San Diego basin.

The views expressed in Just Like Davos are those of Paul Barsch and do not necessarily represent those of current or past employers.