Business Podcasts

  • Gartner Voice Podcast. Presentation skills are one of the primary capabilities all marketing professionals need. Even those that aren’t client-facing frequently pitch internal management, sales people and potential alliances on the benefits of working with the marketing organization. Listen as Paul Barsch – experienced marketer, frequent public speaker and Director of Marketing at Teradata – shares tips and advice on how marketers can become better public speakers.  Listen
  • Zero Latency Future. We live in a world where everything is or will be connected to the Internet.  Sensors, GPS phones, and near real time analytics are helping businesses make decisions remarkably faster. This is a zero latency future, and I expound upon the concept in a 17 minute podcast.

Technical Podcasts

  • Capacity Management for Data Warehousing. The concept of capacity management (as opposed to planning) relates to more than just your local IT shop.  Listen for 13 minutes and you’ll find some good nuggets in here. I promise.

  • Application Tuning for Data Warehousing. Application tuning is about identifying opportunities for reducing the amount of system resources required for an acceptable level of service and saving money through query optimization. Dan Fritz and Paul Barsch discuss the advantages of application tuning and provide examples of Teradata customers that have experienced significant performance gains.

  • Managed Services for Data Warehousing. Managed Services  delivers operational support for day-to-day data warehouse operations. Why is this service so popular? Paul Barsch and Ashar Nasser discuss.

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